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EJJI (ˈedgy’) — is a forward-looking sonic branding agency & sound experience studio founded by Joris Tillmans and Willem Vonken in 2017.

We believe that if you want to conquer minds and make a difference, you have to dare a powerful approach.

We use music & sound to place your brand in the heart of culture

Over the years, we’ve build a reputation for being a high energy, contagious and reliable agency that delivers quality work with great client satisfaction.


Work with us as your strategic partner for everything audible, and find new and innovative ways for people to connect with brands.

Interested in partnering with us?

We love to hear from ambitious clients; what you’re looking to achieve and how we can add value.

Say Hello. The field is open for forward-looking marketers to enter their sonic brand in the public consciousness. Get in touch and we can start the conversation.


    Torenallee 26-00 5617 BD Strijp-S, EINDHOVEN
    The Netherlands

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