Lookbook Q4 2021

EJJI & Hyperculture: Lookbook Q4 2021


Mediocracy is bad for business

In the old days (up until 2000) musical genres were born in city cultures:

– Hip Hop + Punk: NYC

– Drum & Bass + Dubstep: London & Bristol

– Techno: Detroit

– House: Chicago

Today we have to define different places where like-minded people create movements, and they’re all online.

This staggering rate of change and the meltingpot it results in is described in the book: Hyperculture: The Human Cost of Speed by Stephan Bertman and forms the inspiration for designer-director duo Hyperculture.

Shared studio building

EJJI & Hyperculture share studio spaces. We are on the 2nd floor — Hyperculture on the 5th.

We also share a vision about how to create surprising, cutting edge work that’s relevant today.

We joined forces to bring our vision on media and culture by presenting: Lookbook (Q4 2021)

A visual and audible impression of a copy / paste,  mix & match blender mentality that inspires the creation of new ideas and possibilities.

You want to make something worth talking about.

Embracing diversity

By championing diversity and individuality we see younger generations grow up embracing diversity in their taste. In a study by Sweety High they find that Gen-Z favours at least 5 different music genres. This mindset is a logical result from the way they grew up online.

As a brand you want to be remembered by experiences that leave an impression. You want to make something worth talking about. To leave people with an experience that makes them want to tell their friends.

And that’s exactly the way marketing is supposed to be: To bring something to the world that’s actually worth something, that inspires, sparks imagination and inspires others to share and spread the news about what you’re offering.

The Lookbook project is for us a way to share our vision on media and culture, and hopefully it inspires you to look at things with an open and inspired eye.

…and off course you can contact us for a little help or a good chat 😉

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