Why engaging in more senses makes sense

Why engaging in more senses makes sense

Choosing what’s worth our time and attention is more relevant then ever.

In this ultra-connected world, brands need to look beyond the visual to deeply connect with their audiences.

If you could choose anything you want… What would you choose? What would you do? What would you eat, watch, read? What would you listen to?

In a time where options are limitless, abundance challenges us to choose carefully and precise. It invites us to think about our individual needs and preferences. So brands need to act upon this.

As a result, we see marketers noticing there’s a shift happening, but often still overlook powerful tools to connect with their audiences on a personal level.

You see, when there are so many options available, people need to think about their choices more thorough. And these choices are no longer solely based on the ideas of past generations, institutions, brands or employers, but far more on their individual needs.


1. First of all, there have never been more options in all and every aspect of life. For instance, choosing what to study, to the type of mortgage you take on your house — or apartment, or loft, or boat, or tiny-house, or whatever is suited for your situation… This abundance of choices raises the question: ‘What is it that I want?’

2. Secondly, it’s much easier to connect with a group that has similar needs and values as you. Whether you are an adult-my-little-pony-fan, or have a passion for repairing Vintage 901 Porsches — You can easily find a group of people with the exact same interest, and connect with them. You’re no longer alone, no matter how specific your interest is. This means more openness and therefore more room for the individual values to flourish.

3. And lastly the quantity, and availability of information. With so much information available, people just don’t believe everything you tell them. It’s easier to research and learn something rather than taking someone else’s word for it… To summarise:  these factors invite people to think about their individual needs and preferences, and it triggers the awareness of the real limitation:


Choosing what’s worth our time and attention is more relevant then ever. We see that younger generations are becoming more interested in the question of: ‘How am I going live my own fulfilling life’, rather than thinking: ‘What job is giving me enough money to pay for food and housing?’ Brands face the challenge of staying relevant in this ultra-connected and fast-moving age, and marketers start to recognize this. By building consumer-led experiences, brands connect with their audiences on a more personal and individual level. — But these strategies are often targeted on just one limited tool: visual-stimuli. Because brands are so focussed on the visual side of their identity and product, they sometimes overlook the hidden gems of other senses.


Everybody knows music can trigger deep emotional reactions. It activates, moves, and touches people on a personal level, plus it connects and embraces large groups. Just think about your favourite playlist, or the last concert you’ve visited.

Music can’t lie… This is because humans are wired for sound.

Sound is the sense that is processed by the brain the quickest. This means it has the potential to get to your emotions before anything else. Therefore it ‘colours’ the over-all experience. In advertising this can mean the difference between taking in information, and really having a feeling and therefore an opinion about something. Sound is so powerful that studies have shown that fitting music can enhance the emotional impact of visual stimuli with factor 12. — That’s an increase of 1207%! It’s time for brands to start using this huge potential. Sound can create a deep and honest brand-consumer relationship beyond linguistic and visual boundaries. When done right, it connects to the individual, and moves from the inside out to the group, and into culture. It can make your brand felt, understood and embraced by the consumer in a seemingly effortless way. Therefore it makes sense, for brands, to engage in other senses.

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  • Jeff
    jun 16th, 2021
    Jeff says:

    Interesting point of view!

  • Martha Neumann
    jun 17th, 2021
    Martha Neumann says:

    Having a direct channel into people’s emotions is a dream for every marketer. It allows for a less distracting way to win people’s hearts & minds. Sound is an honest answer to rude marketing practices we are all fed up with.



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