Sonic Branding

Sonic Branding for Fit20 — Health & Fitness

Project background

Dutch-based fit20 franchise has offered thousands of people worldwide an effective way to increase their health and fitness levels significantly by training just once a week for 20 minutes.

What makes fit20 unique, is it’s focus on personal training, train by appointment, no need to change clothes, because you don’t sweat, and no loud music in their gyms.

EJJI was approached in 2018 to start building various audio assets for fit20.

Since then we’ve developed a complete sonic brand, including sound guidelines, sonic logo’s, leaders and music for advertisement.

Developing the sound

When developing a sonic brand, we start by going deep into the core of what a brand stands for, and find a compelling way to translate it into sound.

Fit20 markets to busy professionals who want to stay in shape, in an effective and personalised way.

We found 3 key attributes that formed the foundation for the look-and-feel of the sonic brand:

1. You’re active and in control of your life

2. You appreciate a premium experience

3. You know that being in shape is more than just looking good

Design system

By designing a musical vocabulary that is build on a design system of musical elements, we are able to create a sonic brand that is consistent and recognisable, but also flexible so it can scale.

The Fit20 design system we developed is based on:
– The Fit20 melody line
– A selection of instruments that have an active and focussed feeling
– A scale of complexity on which the various rhythmic and harmonious elements need to be.

Musical elements

Based on the fit20 attributes, we created a design system from which all (future) audio assets are being extracted.

Active & In control

Complementary rhythmic patterns / Light timbre / Major tonality

Fit20Active & In control

Premium experience

Distinct taste / Craftsmanship and personal touch: Flageolet acoustic guitar.

Fit20Premium Experience

Healthy body & mind

Focussed mindset: Repetitive rhythms / Filtered timbre / Layered orchestrations / Rich and complex experience.

Fit20Healthy body & mind

Fit20 Sonic brand

The fit20 sonic brand consists of a brand anthem, sonic logos, a library of music, Audio UX sounds and more. Based on the design system, all future audio assets have common grounds, and are building brand unity and recognisability.

Brand anthem

Fit20Brand anthem

Classic audio logo

Fit20Classic audio logo

‘Soothing’ audio logo

Fit20Soothing audio logo

‘We went to the core of what Fit20 stands for, and found a compelling way to translate it into sound.’

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