Music & Sound Design

Luxury Swiss watch maker Tissot launched a new series of watches, and EJJI was approached to compose the soundtrack for the launch campaign.


Capture heritage, quality & style

Project team —

We teamed up with France based production company Creative Doing, to create the campaign.

The result is a series of beautifully shot close-ups on which the music is adding a layer of contemporay class. The campaign was received very well by the public, raising brand awareness and overall sales.

Developing the sound

We started with having a clear picture of what the final result should feel like.

We used sound to capture heritage, quality & style and shaped the aesthetic for a modern audience.

Our approach was to make a song that felt and sounded like a licenced song including vocals, so we recorded (demo) vocals as a reference.

The audio branding blends a repetitive rising synth melody line with a sound pallet that communicates luxury, style and sophistication.

Tissot Songtissot
TissotTissot (Demo) Vocal Version

Brand perception improved positively, and 90% of people surveyed liked the music.


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